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Experience kRom’s Designs

kRom’s Designs operates under the belief that great design consists of great form and function. Below are a few examples of projects we have worked on.

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Carbon Fiber Fenders

2018 Triumph Bobber

The goal here was to match the updated clean tail light housing with a short carbon fiber rear fender design for the 2018 Triumph Bobber. 

3D scanning was used to design a custom layup mold. We then implemented our 3D printers to make this mold. Which was then used to layup the fender prior to trimming. We also used 3D printers to produced matching brackets to a fix  the fender in place. This is a great example of utilizing all available services.

This process can be used to make a part for any of your projects. 

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Rear Light Relocation

The goal of this project was to clean up the rear end of a Triumph Bobber.

The goal of this project was to structural & aesthetically relocate the tail liight and turn signals to under the seat. 3D Scanning, CAD, and 3D printing were all used to complete this project. 

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License Plate Relocation

We were interested in this project because of the high market price for similar metal designs and as a bonus we were able to test the durability of the a 3D printed part.

We created this custom design in house with durability in mind. The bracket and tow hook adapter were complete printed in ABS and were structurally sound. If you would be interested in some thing similar please get in touch with any inquires. 

License Plate Bracket.jpg
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Light Edit Finish 1.png

Stealth Turn Signals

We completed the 1st iteration of this project as there was a lack of solutions in the market. All existing solutions were either to expensive or consistently out of stock. 

We created this design from the ground up to replace the standard turn signals and use all the stock hardware.  

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Bumper Clip Insert

Have you had to replace something just because of simple broken piece. Well at kRom's Designs we don't stand for that. We custom designed and printed inserts for a broken front Subaru WRX bumper. 

If you would be interested in similar projects or would like to purchase a set please get in touch with us.

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