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Everyone knows a good design when they see it, but executing a great design can be tough. We are here to help for the exact reason. Below are the services available at kRom’s Designs.


Carbon Fiber

Do you think carbon fibers parts are expensive to make or can’t find one that fits your needs? We can design and manufacture parts the fit your specific needs.

Not only do we support full carbon parts, but we also provide carbon overlay/skinning services. This is a much more economical method of having the carbon fiber look without the cost. If you have a project in mind please reach out to us for more details.

Image by Kumpan Electric

3D Modeling & CAD Services

Do you have of an idea, a sketch, or a broken part. Here at kRom's Designs we can help with that.

We provide 3D & 2D CAD services for all types of utilization, including: functional pieces, 3D prints, technical drawings, & more.

3D Printing

3D Printing Services

Do you want to bring your ideas to real life, we are here to do that! We provide 3D print services for all types of uses including: decorations, prototyping, & functional parts.

3D printing is an economical method for testing or even repairing broken parts.

Want to learn more about the services offered? Get in touch today.

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